zoom, not gloom !

two cents’ worth

  • Health is more than the mere absence of disease. It is the presence of a superior state of wellbeing, a Pzazz’, a vitality. This has to be worked for each and every day of your life. You cannot get it in a bottle or from the doctor. You have to get it from diet, exercise, rest, recreation and attitude of mind. Then the men can become supermen and the old men can become older.

  • Warning; Do not slip into mainstream thinking. It’s bad for your health. I try not to get caught up in what mainstream scientists say about nutrition (picking everything apart, agendas, reductionism, valid to human health ?), we’ve got this far without scientists and now our health is declining. My approach is not new. It is following the laws of nature, eating what we are designed to eat, inspired by the healthiest people on earth, instinctive eating, traditional real whole foods. We shouldn’t even have to think about it. We are nutritionally lost. Paleolithic man knew nothing of vitamins. He didn’t think  ‘I’m not feeling so good today, I need some vitamin B6 Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate’ (?) He instinctively sort out healing foods and herbs. Isolated nutrients, supplements, diets have their place, but are just tools and should only be used by an experienced practitioner. We must look back to able to move forward.

  • If I prescribe ‘X’ to people (for example, Mediterranean diet, Vitamin A, Atkins diet, Cod liver oil, probiotics etc.) some people will get better, some will get worse and some will stay the same. We are all individual, therefore need to be treated as such.

  • What you eat today, will be a part of your body tomorrow. Every cell is made up of what you eat. Choose wisely. Nutrition is fundamental to your wellbeing. Doctors get an average of 1-7 hours of nutrition lessons in their 7 year education. Don’t take health advise from someone who isn’t healthy. Doctors are trained in ill health, not health. Doctor is Latin for teacher. Is your doctor teaching you anything ?

  • Generally foods from mother nature are good for us, and foods from corporations are bad for us. Where are you getting your food?

  • You aren’t just what you eat, but when you eat, what you absorb and what the food was grown in. You are also what your parents ate.

  • If is wasn’t here 10,000 years ago don’t eat it. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, do you really want to put it in your body? Modern diets are ill suited for our genetic composition. Evolution has not kept pace with advances in agriculture and food processing resulting in a plague of health problems for modern man.

  • Avoid ‘White’ food like the plague. That includes white refined (bleached) flour, sugar, table salt and pasteurized/ homogenized milk. If its white it means something has been removed. e.g. salt is normally gray or pink. Bread and pasta should be brown. If it’s white it’s had all the fiber and minerals removed. Excessive consumption of high-glycemic carbohydrates is the primary culprit in nutritionally caused health problems. High glycemic carbohydrates are those that raise blood sugar too rapidly. They include rice, bread, candy, potato, sweets, sodas, and most processed carbohydrates.

  • Eat according to your genetic/ racial background. Don’t feed lions leaves and don’t feed giraffes meat. The native Eskimos live off a diet that is primarily fat and protein (whale blubber) and are considered one of the healthiest ethnic groups in the world. On the other hand, native cultures in New Zealand live off predominantly root vegetables, and yet they are also considered an extremely healthy group of people. One size does not fit all, like they say ‘What might be good for the goose, may not be good for the gander’. The body needs a different ratio of fats/ protein/ and carbohydrates. This ratio is different from person to person. Get on the right fuel!

  • Racking up hours on the step machine will not make you skinny ! Doing too much aerobic exercise stresses your adrenal glands, which leads to spikes in your insulin levels which triggers your body to store fat. You may lose weight while you’re doing it, but when you stop, within 3 weeks you’ll put it all back on again because your metabolism has slowed down. Lifting weights is far more beneficial to fat burning. If you are overweight, exercise is using up energy you can’t afford to lose. Exercise literally means ‘Exorcism’. To get ‘rid’ of energy. Working ‘in’ is more suitable (Tai’chi, Qi gong).

  • Eat your fat! We live in a fat phobic society. The myth being saturated fat and animal products clogs arteries, raises cholesterol and causes heart disease. The truth being heart disease increased during the introduction of hydrogenated and industrial vegetable oils. Saturated fat from healthy animals, coconut oil, raw butter, fish oil and olive oil being the best. Fat doesn’t make you fat, a high carbohydrate diet does. Control insulin, control your weight. “The artery clogging fats are not animal fats, but vegetable oils”-Lancet 1994. Saturated fat is only bad if you eat too much,and  it’s from grain fed unhealthy animals. Also if you lack other essential fats like omega 3.

  • Mobile phones. The 21st century cigarette ? Limit call use, use pay as you go, just send texts, get a blue tube headset (not blue tooth). Is wireless technology making you sick ? We are guinea pigs in the biggest human experiment ever.

  • Nature deficit disorder” and “Biophilia”.Try and live a life that’s synergistic with nature. From denatured food to staring at screens all day. We have never been so disconnected. You don’t see fat animals in their natural habitat. What happens to animals when you move them out of there natural habit and stick them in a zoo? Weight gain, depression, pacing and despondency. We are now suffering physically and mentally, living like caged animals.Nature has often been used as a therapy for people with physical and mental health problems and also to improve mood. Hospital therapy gardens, wilderness trips for people suffering from severe stress and even aquariums in dentists’ waiting rooms have all be shown to have positive effects on patients. The fact that ‘nature makes us feel good’ is often taken for granted.

  • Reducing sugar in your diet can be tough for some people. After all, sugar is just as addictive as nicotine! (cigarettes are 8% sucrose). It causes the same chemical reactions as morphine, opium and heroin. For something to be called an addictive substance it needs to pass four criteria, binging, withdrawal, craving and cross sensitivity with other drugs. Sugar does them all.  It is also  an anti-nutrient, meaning it has no nutritional value, it actually steals nutrients from your body to metabolize it. Eating sugar and white flour can be likened to drawing on a savings account. Are you over drawn?  Deficits are similar to carbs: the more you eat, the hungrier you get.

  • Listen to your body. The healthier you are, the more information you get from your body and faster. Eating toxic food makes your body numb to these signals. If you carry on ignoring your bodies cry for help (symptoms) it will shout “Tumor” at you one day. Learn to hear what your body is telling you and adjust accordingly. Pay me now or pay me later. Meaning, change the oil filter now or rebuild the engine later. We are physical, chemical and emotional human beings. The physical symptoms that manifest are simply a printout of what is going on inside of you.

  • Ninety percent of disease starts in the colon. Stop abusing your digestive system. If your not going for a poop at least twice a day, you are constipated. You can eat the best organic food and take the best supplements, but if your digestive system is unbalanced (dysbiosis) you will never absorb the nutrients. If you are eating garbage food, you are inviting disease.

  • Eating just egg white omlettes? Semi-skimmed milk? Removing the skin from chicken? Quit doing that. Everything nature created comes in the perfect package. An example, the fat on meat has enzymes in that help digest the meat. The fat in milk contains all the nutrients and the lactase to digest the lactose, skimmed milk is just sugary water devoid of any nutrients. Egg yolk is full of choline and lecithin to keep the cholesterol moving in the blood. Nature creates the perfect food for us, leave it alone.

  • Asians salivary glands and the pancreas are 50% bigger than westerners , that’s why they can tolerate grains better. We are not designed for grain, we’ve had a belief system pounded into us. Refined carbohydrates are a primary factor in contributing to obesity, type 2 diabetes, anxiety and depression, lack of energy, inflammation, metabolic syndrome or “Syndrome X” and heart disease. We cannot tolerate sugars, grains and pulses. Grains are also loaded with anti-nutrients. Expect to feel energized and leaner when they are reduced or eliminated. At least soak and sprout them.

  • Organic eggs V commercial eggs. Organic hens eat green plants and insects which makes them high in omega 3 oils. Commercial hens eat grain, therefore have high levels of inflammatory omega 6 oils.

  • We are hardwired as cavemen. We naturally seek out sugars and fat, which were a treat and rare. Food manufacturers know this and manipulate our foods. Creating whats known as the ‘bliss factor’. Food becomes like opiate drugs and is incredibility addictive. We also have access to them 24/7, they are cheap and heavily advertised, especially to children.

  • Vegetarianism is healthy? For some people maybe. The annual all-cause death rate of vegetarian men is slightly more than that of non-vegetarian men (.93% vs .89%); the annual death rate of vegetarian women is significantly more than that of non-vegetarian women (.86% vs .54%) Most nutritionists don’t understand the organic matter in soil. Plants are highly carnivorous. Life eats life in a closed organic cycle. The plants eat the micro-organisms (life), omnivors eat the plants, carnivorous animals eat the omnivors, the animals die and go back into the soil, the micro-organisms break them down and then feed it to the plants and so on. Commercial meat farming is simply torture many just ignore, but eating meat (grass fed) is natural and we have evolved this far by doing so. Lions don’t have clogged arteries, in fact wild animals don’t eat the meat, they eat the far more nutritious organs and leave the meat to the scavengers. Bears throw away the salmon and just eat the fatty fins and tail. Very few of us have the ability to maintain a healthy body on a vegetarian diet. Yes, veganism and vegetarianism is a great tool for getting over cancer, but what is medicine one day becomes a source of disease the next day.

  • To avoid heart disease, we should use margarine instead of butter. Wrong, Margarine eaters have twice the rate of heart disease as butter eaters. When margarine is processed it is gray/white, then died a buttery yellow. It was first created to feed to turkeys, but they soon found it was killing them. Raw butter is a super food.

  • Denmark and the USA consume the most milk out of any nation yet have the highest levels of osteoporosis. In Rural China where they consume no dairy and they have no osteoporosis. Pasteurized milk good for your bones? Think again, seaweed, green leafy vegetables are far better.

  • Salt is essential to life, that is why we have salt taste buds. Without salt, we die. We need salt for protein digestion, carbohydrate digestion, adrenal function, cellular metabolism and brain development. Unrefined salt provides us with many trace minerals. Use Celtic sea salt, table salt is just sodium chloride.

  • You eat potato chips, you’re going to perform like a potato chip. Junk food equals junk moods.

  • Life is to be enjoyed! The 80/20 rule means be good to yourself 80% of the time and indulge in life 20% of the time. Health isn’t everything, but without it everything else is nothing…Cheers! mines a Bloody Mary.

  • Don’t suppress symptoms. That is your body’s way of healing. E.g. A fever is a good thing, its trying to kill the virus. Pain is telling you something is wrong. Getting the occasional cold is normal, it is your body cleansing itself, usually during the change of seasons. If you were driving along in your car and the oil light came on, just sticking a bit of tape over  it, so you couldn’t see it anymore, doesn’t mean the problem has gone away. In fact the problem will return

  • Still using a micro-wave oven? The protein particles in micro-waved food are denatured and become unrecognizable by the body (essentially poisons), so are stored as fat. Radiated food ? In Russia the micro-wave has been banned since 1976. Micro-waved food has been found to inflame the organs and the stomach lining.

  • Vitamin supplements are doing you more harm if used incorrectly and by choosing the wrong brands. Most vitamins in supplements are synthetic containing petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives, and chemically processed sugars with other acids and industrial chemicals (such as formaldehyde) used to process them. Ever tried taking a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach? Usually this will cause nausea as the liver has difficulty processing it. Using vitamins to fix a junk diet? Vitamins are only as good as the food you eat.

  • 90% of the cholesterol in your body is produced internally by your body ! It’s a pre-cursor to ALL you hormones. It is essential and not to be demonized. We have been brain washed. Your blood cholesterol is not related to your dietary intake of cholesterol. Blood cholesterol is made by the liver from carbohydrates. Reducing carbohydrates in your diet will reduce blood cholesterol. LDL and HDL are merely shuttles. Oxidized cholesterol is the bad guy. A diet high in anti-oxidants will prevent cholesterol problems, not statins.

  • You can’t become healthy from eating sick, dead, altered food. Forget about the nutrient content for a moment and think about that food’s ‘life force’ ? An apple that has been sitting in a warehouse for 18 months in an artificial environment (gas ripening) before it ends up on your super market shelves is dead. Compare that to an apple that has just been picked from the tree, It’s alive! An organic carrot when picked will remain stiff for a day or so before going limp. That is the life force leaving it. Why are super market carrots staying firm for weeks ? Oh yeah, they are sprayed with 20+ different chemicals.

  • Fruit juice causes weight gain and diabetes. Fructose (fruit sugar) metabolizes straight to fat. A typical juice is loaded with sugar and your blood sugar levels increase, cranking up your insulin. What does your body do with the excess blood sugar, it stores it as fat. Eat the fruit not the juice. We would never have eaten 10 apples, 10 carrots all in one go. Besides, fruit is a great deal sweeter than it was due to hybridization.

  • People’s opinion on nutrition is based on politically correct nutrition, meaning what the government would have you eat. A generic, standardized or mass market approach, one size fits all . Which is influenced by major food corporations. What would happen to the economy if  the government told us not to eat wheat because we can’t actually digest it? Who paid for the research to tell us pasteurized milk is good for us ? The food pyramid is absolute nonsense. Many of our natural instincts have been discouraged and subdued by man-made beliefs, manipulation and advertising. What we eat shouldn’t be determined by diet dictocrats. It should be determined by history, culture, and traditional cuisines.Eat according to what your body needs.

  • Stop reinfection. Throw away your toothbrush after a cold, flu or virus.

  • The same cartels that supply fertilizers and chemicals are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. We eat the toxic food, get diseases, then get treated with drugs. They supply the chemicals to get you sick, then the drugs to ‘cure you’, or rather keep you  in a manageable state of sickness.

  • Beauty sleep ? Get to bed by 10pm and sleep until at least 6am. The body repairs from 10pm -2am and the mind repairs from 2am-6am. The liver is most active from 11pm until 3am. The body needs to be horizontal for it to cleanse the blood. Remove all electro -magnetic sources from your bedroom. Stop watching the news before bed, programming your bodymind with images of death and destruction. This stimulates you to release stress hormones. We should be going to bed and rising with the sun. We don’t get enough sleep. It takes an average of eight hours of sleep per night for the human immune system to kill down the bacteria population to a safe level, because every single bacterium in your body is urinating and defecating in your body 24/7.

  • Take responsibility for your own health- and illness, it’s empowering.  Stop saying phrases like,”My doctor won’t let me…” or, “My doctor says I have [name of condition], and there is really nothing I can do”. Don’t take advice on health from someone is unhealthy.

  • Remove the words diet and calorie from your vocabulary. Also get rid of your bathroom scales. Diets do NOT work. All calories are not equal. 1,000 calories of carbohydrate will have a completely different hormonal and biochemical response than 1,000 calories of quality protein. Think about it, 1,000 calories of McDonalds garbage compared to 1,000 of organic green vegetables? There are thousands of diet books out there written by roughly 6 ghost writers. It’s an industry, don’t be a victim of it. Losing weight is a side benefit of getting healthy.

  • Products like Coca-Cola are so high in salt to make you more thirsty (so you drink more Coke). The salt taste is masked by an even higher amount of sugar. At any one time we have 3 grams of glucose in our blood. When you drink a Coke within the first 10 minutes, 10 teaspoons (40 grams!) of refined sugar hits your system. Your body goes into an emergency to cope with the excess sugar. Within 20 minutes your blood sugar spikes, your pancreas responds by increasing insulin which converts the excess sugar into fat. Within 40 minutes the caffeine is absorbed, pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, the liver dumps more sugar into the blood. 45 minutes your dopamine levels rise and then by 60 minutes you experience a crash. So you drink some more Coke.

  • Treadmill equals ‘Deadmill’. Move naturally, run in different directions, walk, sprint, crawl. In nature preferably. Get back to your paleolithic roots. Train movement, not muscles. Proper technique is essential. The body can learn a new movement pattern within 300 – 500 repetitions, however if the initial input is slightly wrong then it could take up to 5000 repetitions to rewind the bad habit and input the new programme.

  • I’m sure you wouldn’t drink chlorinated pool water or put it in your fish tank, yet the tap water many of you drink every day contains chlorine and many other toxins. Tap water has been shown by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to contain over approximately 700 toxins harmful to human health, a few of these things being chlorine, fluoride and progesterone and estrogen from the pill! Whilst chlorine is needed in tap water during the treatment process before it flows through your tap, that’s where its job finishes. Just as chlorine kills bacteria in pools, it also kills the good bacteria in your digestive system required for proper digestion of food. Fluoride is, believe it or not, a toxic by-product of the phosphate fertiliser industry! It does not belong in the body and is being linked to a huge range of issues, Fluorosis and kidney failure being two of them. Check out the work of Dr. Weston A Price, and see the dental photos he has of healthy indigenous people around the world in the 1920’s-30. Their teeth are beautiful, largely free from plaque and dental caries and have never been exposed to fluoride, or even a toothbrush!

  • Intense exercise can be productive or counter-productive. If your body is already dealing with a stressful lifestyle (negative thoughts, poor posture, unresolved injuries, poor water, processed food etc), the addition of high intensity training can hinder your progress. Due to your body’s existing high stress level, your body will consider the stress of intense exercise to also be a negative stress. Consequently, this will activate your fight-or-flight system (sympathetic nervous system) resulting in production of stress hormones called glucocorticoids. Long term, this will make your immune system weaker and your body sicker and fatter! Therefore, every session at the gym does not have to be ‘go hard or go home!’.It could be making you fatter! Tai Chi, Meditation, Qi Gong, Pilates, Yoga, Zone Exercises and lying on a foam roller are examples of work-in exercises. These exercises stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which secretes anabolic hormones that help your body rest, repair and digest. Your ability to live your life according to the other six steps of survival will influence what sort of exercise approach you should take.

  • Don’t become dogmatic about any one form of eating. Whether it is eating exclusively raw and vegan or paleolithic and high protein diets. We may eat different diets throughout our journey in life and they all serve a purpose at that time. There is no such thing as good or bad foods, just choices that have results.

  • How do we make real, lasting change in our lives for the better ? Baby steps. Any changes you can make, no matter how small, do make a difference. In Japan, it’s called kaizen. It’s a strategy for making change based on tiny, continuous improvements.

  • A new car emits over 60,000 toxic chemicals into the environment of that car for at least the first year. When you sit in that car you’re literally ingesting those chemicals. It’s ten times less toxic to be outside of any building in any city than inside the building because of the toxicity of the building materials (the glues particularly.) Any house containing press-board is gassing out massive amounts of formaldehyde, which is extremely poisonous to the body. A commercially made piece of carpet will emit 130 toxic chemicals for the first year it’s on the floor. This is why many people get ill in new hotels and office buildings. Whenever you see that reaction, it means the person’s biological systems of detoxification are already running at the red line. They can’t take it.

  • Your Television hypnotizes you. It takes 90 seconds of watching to hook you in. This is why they are called television programs. Programming you with useless, agenda driven garbage.

  • We have a tremendous dehydration problem today. The only thing that substitutes for water is water. When you’re drinking water you’re actually drinking nature’s most powerful detoxification agent. The best solution for pollution is dilution. And that means water, not tea, not soda pop, not orange juice… water!

  • Bread and pasta do not occur in nature. The gluten in these products creates ‘Exorphins’ which are more powerful than morphine. That’s why we become addicted.

  • Raw food diets ? we should definitley eat a variety of raw foods in our diets. I believe eating exclusively raw is a 21st century fad. There were no traditional diets composed exclusively of raw foods. Even in the tropics, where fires were not needed for warmth, the inhabitants build a fire every day to cook their foods. some nutrients are made more available through cooking and cooking also neutralizes naturally occuring toxins in the plant foods. Popular in California (where it’s consistently warm) the body would cope better on a raw diet, but eating the same diet during a northern European winter is harmful.

  • Man has been eating meat and fat for thousands of years, but hardening of the arteries is a new disease. Heart attacks have only become common since the advent of homogenized pasteurized milk, oleo margarine and polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

  • Are you carbohydrate sensitive ? Do you experience crazy cravings ? Energy slumps after high carb meals ? Feel like you’ve been hit by a truck after pasta ? Some people have difficulty metabolizing sugars ( all carbohydrates, even complex carbs, grains, fruit). This is common with people who are adrenally fatigued. ANY taste of sweet can trigger more sweet cravings. Your first bite of food in the morning will dictate how your hormones function through out the day. So a glass of orange juice, coffee, toast, Frosties will all lead to ‘priming’ of your insulin levels and will have you hunting for sugars all day. Digestion of refined carbohydrates calls on your body’s own store of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for proper metabolization. When B vitamins are absent, for example, the breakdown of carbohydrates cannot take place, yet most B vitamins are removed during the refining process.

  • It is unimaginable to think of going a week or two without brushing our teeth or using toilet paper. Yet, when was the last time you thought about cleaning the twenty feet in between. Do you think its any cleaner. It is a simple fact, people rarely clean where they cannot see.

  • We breathe an average 20,000 times a day. If you are a chest breather (inverted breathing pattern) that’s 40,000 times . Most visits (75%) to a doctor are breathing related.

  • 10 billion biochemical reactions take place every second in the human body. All of which are water dependent.

  • The number one cause of cellulite is a leaky gut. The number one cause of a leaky gut is stress.
  • Spend more time in the sun, without sunscreen. Sunlight doesn’t cause skin cancer – an unhealthy state within the body that causes skin to be unable to protect itself causes skin cancer.
  • A diet low in fiber is superior to a diet high in fiber. Fiber has no link to health whatsoever, it is not an essential component of any human diet as many native diets has proven without question, and even though increased fiber intake is recommended for treating and preventing gastrointestinal disorders, doing so is often ineffective, causes greater distress, and may even have a causal relationship with the very disorders it is thought to cure and prevent.  Fiber is neither good nor bad.

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