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Why do you never see an obese animal in the wild, yet see over weight domesticated pets ? Wild animals are perfectly adapted to their environments and eat accordingly to their natural instincts and genetic dictates. We ate this way once, but now we apply free will to our food choices and are manipulated by high-concept advertising strategies about “what’s good to eat“. Take an animal out of it’s natural habitat and their health and wellbeing will suffer. We are no different.

There is a machine of misinformation and myths surrounding weight loss. We, as homosapians are genetically designed to store fat, we have genes to be fat in case of starvation. This is more so for females, whose fat cells are three times bigger than males due to gestation. The first thing to do is forget the myth that if you eat less and exercise more you will lose weight. This is NOT true. Cutting calories and excessive exercise will not help you lose weight permanently. You may lose weight initially, but if you continue, you are consuming less energy than your body needs to survive, so you start to break down muscle tissue. This leads to your metabolism slowing down because it thinks its going into a famine. This actually increases your bodies ability to store more fat. Most people who are over weight are energy and nutrition depleted. The last thing they need is cardiovascular exercise. After one month of cardio (aerobic exercise), as your body adapts, you metabolism will actually decrease. Whereas weight training will stimulate your metabolism for up to 72 hours (essentially you will be in a fat burning mode while resting).

The most important thing to remember is weight gain is a symptom of something else. If you are battling to lose weight it is not to do with lack of will power and self discipline. Here is just a few reasons why you may be over weight or have difficulty losing weight;

  • Sugar addiction. Sugarholic

  • Blood sugar imbalance (insulin sensitivity, high insulin = fat storage)

  • Parasites / worm infection (more common than you think. In fact 90% of the worlds population has a parasite or fungal over-growth)

  • Reduced fat burning enzymes and increased fat storing enzymes

  • Sluggish lymphatic system

  • Not enough suitable exercise or too much aerobic exercise (stress)

  • Stress! Exhausting your adrenal function leading to a hypothyroid

  • Sugar/carbohydrate/alcohol/fructose/Gluten addiction

  • Emotional eating (self medicating with food as you are low in certain brain neuro-transmitters)

  • Yeast overgrowth (Dysbiosis and Candidiasis)

  • Dirty bowel (Auto-intoxication) and poor liver function

  • Malnourished. Yes, overweight people are starving at a cellular level

  • Skipping meals and eating late at night

  • Excessive, poor quality ‘Dead’ food. Do you feel full or nourished after you’ve eaten ?

  • Decreased digestive function (leaky gut or inflammation)

  • Environmental toxicity (Bisphenol A, Oestrogens)

  • Water retention

  • Disrupted hormones

  • Side effect of pharmaceutical and prescription drugs

  • Not eating enough FAT! (It takes fat to burn fat)

  • Visceroptosis (pooch belly)

  • Poorly functioning thyroid

  • Attitude and behavior. ‘Stinking Thinking’. The desire to change has got to be stronger than the resistance to change.

  • Lack of quality protein (grass fed, not grain fed)

When we go to a doctor and present them with a particular problem they tend to just treat us at a symptom level. If we are over weight, we go and see a Personal Trainer or a Nutritionist and they just tend to focus on either the fitness or diet component. They are probably not addressing any of the underlying issues above or any mental/ emotional considerations. Take ten people who are over weight and they will all have a different reason why they are so. So a one size fits all approach will only work for a minority of  people. We are all biochemically individual. Weight watchers, calorie restriction diets, excessive aerobic exercise and being whipped into shape military style will NOT work to get the weight off and keep it off. It’s simple, we will not find the answer by looking to the future. Making gyms more advanced, diets more complicated and creating new wonder supplements in laboratories. We need to usher in what used to be, before industrialization, when we moved and ate instinctively. Obesity and degeneration have arouse since we learnt how to alter natures food and started to lead more sedentary lives.

A calorie does not equal a calorie. All calories are not equal. 1,000 calories of carbohydrate will have a completely different hormonal and biochemical response than 1,000 calories of quality protein. Think about it, 1,000 calories of McDonalds garbage compared to 1,000 of organic green vegetables? You can eat as much quality, organic and natural food as you like if it’s the right food for your metabolic type. When your body normalizes and reaches equilibrium you will not want to eat garbage food. Stop counting calories!

Be careful of mainstream gyms, are they really helping you get ‘healthy‘? Rows and rows of complicated looking ‘machines’ with miserable looking people trying to conform to unrealistic stereotypes. Thinking if they possibly reach these unattainable goals they will be happy. Then as you leave, vending machines full of high calorie snacks to make you put it all back on again. Some gyms can feel unnatural, intimidating and often full of people over training, with the mantra ‘The more cardio I do, the more calories I will burn, the happier I’ll be…grrr NO pain NO gain, exaggerating their prowess by screaming “98!… 99!” while grinding out their seventh press-up)‘. We need to take an holistic approach not just considering fitness but real food and our emotional and mental wellbeing. Not just focusing on what we look like in front of a mirror and what the scales dictate to us. Identifying food allergies that are causing gut inflammation is the place to start before going to a gym.

Fitness and health are too separate things. Fitness and weight loss are a side benefit of becoming healthy.

Stress  =  Raised cortisol levels  = Increased blood sugar levels =  Increased insulin levels  =  Fat storage



We deal with more stress in one year than our ancestors would have dealt with in an entire life time. We are not built for this.

Your body needs nutrition. It sends you after nutrition and you will keep eating until you get it. If you eat food with no nutrition your brain says keep on eating until you get it. You will be malnourished, but look obese.


The only permanent way to lose weight is from the inside out…

…or try these.




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