zoom, not gloom !

high 5’s

“I met with Gregory in Hyde Park under a tree! Having had digestive problems  for the better part of a decade his fresh approach taught me that I had to rebuild my system from scratch rather than search for a quick fix. As soon as my stomach was better my eczema vanished ! It’s been over a year now and I’ve got the natural healing bug!! I find myself telling my friends that, you’re not denying yourself that cake, you’re freeing yourself from it!..he’s a one off “.

– S.D. 40 Marketing, London.

I didn’t think anyone could help me.  Then I met Greg.

Being treated by Greg has been a revelation – quite literally, and it’s changing my life.  He’s led me on a different path, away from my own warped thinking and the misconceptions I had about food and nutrition.  Greg is teaching me what it means to be healthy and fully alive”.

– P.M 31 Artist, Devon

“I wanted to get into shape, so I changed my diet and I started running.  I hated running and found I was denying myself foods which lead to me binging on them when I was low. I had Greg come to my house to help me form a plan as I heard he used an nontraditional approach. I couldn’t believe it when he told me to keep eating butter and have bacon and eggs for breakfast…and stop running (?) Well, after I started eating to my “Metabolic Type” and I started doing more weight bearing exercise and cutting out gluten which was inflaming my stomach I heard those all inspiring words…”Shaun, Have you lost weight ?”

-S.F. 37 Photographer,  London

“Awesome, Gregory! Thanks so much ! I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog, for sure !”

– Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness

“I wanted to hire myself a personal trainer but was convinced by a friend to invest in seeing a C.H.E.K Exercise coach after reading in The Sunday Telegraph that Sienna Miller was getting in shape with a Chekkie! Greg did all sort of postural tests and helped me turn my core muscles back on (they had shut down, due to a C-section). The best thing was I was able to do all the exercises at home and in the garden and not in a gym”.

-R.D. 41 Midwife, London

“Greg- Your presence in a consult is a great gift to your clients. You will be able to give them a lot more than just a nutrition plan. You have fabulous skills, you know your stuff, believe it !”

-Debbie Cotton, Senior Lecturer at The College of Naturopathic Medicine, London


I feel as if the lights have been turned on! This way of living seems to be in perfect rhythm with my natural desires! All these foods Gregory suggested have been demonized along the way. This way of eating makes good wholesome sense. There is a food revolution in our house! Raw milk, butter, bacon, cod liver oil. Who’d have thought! Thank you, thank you !!!

-D.R. 45 House wife, Devon


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