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“In 490 BC the Greeks defeated the Persians in a battle that was fought in a fennel field. Thus, one of the most famous battles in history was named after a vegetable. A runner raced 26 miles to carry news of the victory to Athens. The word for fennel in Greek is marathon.”


Thinking that “being slim” means you are healthy. Using weight as your litmus of “good health”.

Believing that exercise can “make up for” unhealthy eating habits.

The belief that eating healthy means having to give up enjoyment of food, good flavour, fat, dietary cholesterol or animal source foods.

The belief or assumption that eating a quality diet is too expensive…or too difficult or complicated to maintain.

Relying on the media, your doctor or even conventional nutritionists/dieticians to provide accurate nutritional information.

Believing that junk food “in moderation” is OK.

Following “government guidelines” or “The Food Pyramid” for healthy eating.

Relying on superficial descriptions such as “natural” or even “organic” on labels to determine whether a food is truly healthy.

Using vitamins to “make up for” unhealthy eating habits.

Doing long cardio sessions is not good for the body. Despite popular belief it actually slows down your metabolism.

Natural Medicine Witch hunt…

A relentless campaign of misinformation, fraud, deception, and suppression of alternative therapies and healers has been in place for the better part of this century in order to keep highly effective alternative therapies from reaching any significant plateau of public awareness. Control is exerted through “news items” and propaganda from pro-establishment organizations.

There are a number of alternative healing therapies that work so well and cost so little (compared to conventional treatment), that Organized Medicine, the Food & Drug Administration, and their overlords in the Pharmaceutical Industry (The Big Three) would rather the public not know about them. The reason is obvious: Alternative, non-toxic therapies represent a potential loss of billions of dollars to allopathic (drug) medicine and drug companies.

Alternative medicine explores the stressors (environmental, biological, chemical, psychological, and emotional) in a patient’s life that cause a weakening of a particular energy field; which in turn allows the manifestation of a disease condition in a weakened area. In order to maintain a state of health, all energy systems within the body need to exist in a state of balance or equilibrium. Imbalance leads to conditions of discomfort (dis-ease) which eventually spirals into ill health if not corrected. The Chinese and Indians (Ayurvedic medicine) had worked all of this out thousands of years ago.

Orthodox or Allopathic Medicine utilizes poisonous substances (drugs) in non-lethal dosages in order to suppress symptoms in an affected area. This approach neither addresses the cause of the disease condition, nor is it responsible for healing the patient. Rather, the use of drugs often will temporarily mask the outer manifestations of the malady, while at the same time, drive the disease deeper into the body…only to reappear at a later date, as a more serious, and chronic health threat. One of the many flaws of the orthodox approach is that it focuses on the disease condition itself, rather than the patient. The term wholistic (or holistic) originally sprang up to distinguish those physicians whose diagnostic gestalt considers all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies interacting with the patient.

Do not assume that the only difference between allopathic and alternative medicine, however, is an honest difference of opinion in the philosophies and views on the origin of disease states. Hardly!. There is, in truth,  a concerted, organized agenda -concocted, planned, and contrived by the international pharmaceutical companies and organized medicine to suppress any and every alternative, non-drug therapy that WORKS. Why?

Because they want people to keep on coming back for more treatments and more drugs.

A cured patient is a lost source of income. A sick patient who is marginally “improved” is a manageable patient.

Managing patients means routine office visits and renewing of drug prescriptions. Therefore, a manageable patient is a continuing source of income; a cash cow if you will. Multiply that by a few hundred million people and you get an idea why this deceit is being put upon you. The profits from the so called “health-care” industry are staggering!

The thrust of the orthodox pharmaceutical agenda is to provide temporary relief, while never addressing the cause of the disease condition. This agenda insures regular visits to the doctor’s office and requires the patient to routinely return to the pharmacy to refill his prescriptions. This is what the game is all about folks, plain and simple.

Don’t be economic with your health

During a recession it seems that the first thing that people cut back on is their food quality (Lidls anyone?). People are happy to spend money on things that contribute to their misery, but when buying organic, real food aren’t willing to pay for it. Without going into this too deeply, lets just say it is better to eat less quality, nutrient dense organic food, than more cheap low quality food. Your body is instinctively seeking nutrients, which you will not find in cheap processed non-foods. It will keep eating until it gets what it needs. Most people are simply addicted to carbohydrates and sugar. We have to stop feeding our heads (emotional and unconscious driven eating) and start feeding our bodies.

Buying food has become a minefield; having spent years studying this subject I can guide you through, from cooking and supermarket guidelines to identifying the correct fuel for you. After all, food is the foundation of your health.

As modern people, some of us may value possessions more than our own bodies and lives.


The saturated fat myth debunked in two minutes and thirty five seconds

Cholesterol is essential to your health, that’s why your body manufactures it. If you are stressed your cholesterol levels will increase to make stress hormones. It is not the enemy, as you are led to believe. You hear of LDL being ‘Bad’ and HDL being ‘good’. These are both strictly shuttles to transport the cholesterol to the cells from the liver where it is made. LDL takes it to the tissues to repair your cells and HDL returns it back to the liver to be recycled. Only a tiny fraction of cholesterol is bad and that is LDL that has been oxidised. It gets oxidised due to low anti-oxidant levels in your blood. Really small LDL particles can get stuck and go rancid causing inflammation, large LDL particles will not get stuck. Particle size is modulated by a healthy diet.

Cholesterol is the precursor to all your hormones and serotonin receptors. Cholesterol lowering drugs remove ALL cholesterol.

  • Low cholesterol diets DO NOT lower incidence of heart disease. They actually increase it.

  • High cholesterol diets DO NOT increase the incidence of heart disease. It actually prevents heart disease.


  • So called healthy Polyunsaturated vegetable oils have been linked to cancer and heart disease.

  • People with the lowest cholesterol levels tend to live shorter lives.

  • Excessive carbohydrates and insulin contribute more to heart disease . Not eggs or saturated animal fat.

  • If you have cholesterol issues, has your doctor checked your homocystiene levels ? If you are on statins, are you taking Coq10?

  • Eating no cholesterol due to the fear mongering causes hormonal problems, including women having to go on hormonal replacement therapy and men on Viagra. Also anti-depressants. Good for business?

Reduce your carbohydrates, eat good fats and avoid bad fats and stop poisoning yourself.  Educate yourself on this issue as we are being taken for fools..DO NOT BELIEVE  THE TERM ‘GOOD (HDL) AND BAD (LDL) CHOLESTEROL’ , they are both essential. The term is a marketing ploy.

What’s Wrong With “Politically Correct” Nutrition ?

Over the course of many years, Dr. Price conducted a survey of isolated peoples from a wide range of places, including Alaska, Switzerland, Africa, South America, Ireland, and the south Pacific Islands.

What did he find?

These people had almost no cases of cavities, heart diseases, asthma, allergies, cancer, obesity, tuberculosis, or any of the other diseases that had recently started plaguing industrialized civilizations.

When they were introduced to industrialized food, sickness, disease, poor teeth, and dental deformities followed. Even siblings raised on different diets exhibited this radical difference in physical health and stamina, so Dr. Price knew it wasn’t merely genetic.

In the pictures above, the first pair are Seminole Indians. The girl on the left ate her native, “primitive” diet, and the boy on the right ate a modernized diet. The second pair are Samoans. Again, the girl on the left ate a diet of traditional foods, while the boy on the right ate a diet of industrialized food. Notice that those who ate their native, nutrient-rich foods have wide faces and straight teeth. Those eating modern foods have narrower faces, crowded teeth, and dental decay.

Dr. Price compared the native, traditional diets to each other to see what they had in common. First, we can note what the diets of healthy traditional peoples didn’t contain: refined sugar, white flour, canned foods, or refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Traditional Versus Modern Diets

Death by vegetable oil

Are all your health complaints linked to something that is in in your kitchen right now, which you buy because you think it is healthy ? Industrial processed Vegetable oil. We need fats and oils. But we need the right ones in the right ratio. Anthropological research suggests that our hunter-gatherer ancestors consumed omega-6 and omega-3 fats in a ratio of roughly 1:1. It also indicates that both ancient and modern hunter-gatherers were free of the modern inflammatory diseases, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, that are the primary causes of death and morbidity today. Over the course of human evolution there has been a dramatic change in the ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fats consumed in the diet. Now we consume 25 times more omega 6 (pro-inflammatory) This change, perhaps more than any other dietary factor, has contributed to the epidemic of modern disease.

Myth: Heart disease in America is caused by consumption of cholesterol and saturated fat from animal products.

Truth: During the period of rapid increase in heart disease (1920-1960), American consumption of animal fats declined but consumption of hydrogenated and industrially processed vegetable fats increased dramatically. (USDA-HNI)

Myth: Animal fats cause cancer and heart disease.

Truth: Animal fats contain many nutrients that protect against cancer and heart disease; elevated rates of cancer and heart disease are associated with consumption of large amounts of vegetable oils. (Fed Proc July 1978 37:2215)

Dumbing down society with toxic, addictive food and medication.

The food we eat, or rather the ubiquitous, processed, ready-made, fast food we eat, is not really food at all, It’s a drug, in its own way as addictive as cocaine.

The three bogeymen  identified are sugar, fat and salt. Pump the right combination of those ingredients into a dish and you have a winner. The result is something called hyperpalatable food, like a Burger King bacon double-cheese burger or a McDonald’s flavored milkshake. These foods produce increased levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which, among other functions, produces in us a sense of reward.

When eating your favorite naughty food you reach what is terms the Bliss Point, that moment during which the cares of the world are banished and replaced by the pure, focused experience of eating. Such foods slip down easily and comfortingly, being “pre-masticated”. The roast we used to have to chew 25 times per mouthful has been replaced by processed meat that goes down in 10 chews. It is, in effect, adult baby food.

(Not because you’re weak willed or lack self- discipline. Don’t look at it as denying yourself a doughnut…you’re freeing yourself !)

The brain clocks the pleasure created by the burger and proceeds to build around it a memory, which in turn creates a powerful sense of anticipation, leading to repeat behavior.

The neurological stimulus drives us to eat long after our calorific and nutritional needs have been satisfied. Old-fashioned hunger simply doesn’t come into it. And neither does greed, in the traditional sense of the word.

“We are all wired to be focused on the most salient stimuli around us – like alcohol, tobacco, sex, gambling,”  “And what is the most socially acceptable stimulus? Food.

“The basis of the modern food industry is to take fat, sugar and salt and put it on every corner of every street and make it into entertainment. It captures the neural circuits and hijacks the brain. We develop habits around our favorite foods and become aroused when we anticipate them. A pattern develops: cue-activation-arousal-reward. The circuits involved – memory, learning, motivation, habit – are those affected by addictive substances or activities.

Bayer Documents: AIDS Tainted Blood Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs

Bayer knowingly sells a medication contaminated with AIDS to children and hemophiliacs in Europe to make a profit. The US government allowed it to happen. Thousands died…This has nothing to do with Bayer’s Nazi links?

Fresh fish ?

The salmon you are eating tonight has traveled half way around the world on a two month  journey before hitting  your plate. Legally it can be called ‘Fresh’.

1. The salmon is caught off Norway, frozen, and packed at the Norwegian harbor of Alesund.

2. It’s loaded into refrigerated containers and shipped to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

3.The container is loaded on to a larger vessel bound for the Far East via the Suez canal.

4. About a month later, it arrives in Qingdao, a large port on China’s northeast coast.

5. The salmon is trucked to a fish-processing center, defrosted and moved to the factory floor, where workers with scalpels skin it, remove the bones and cut it into the exact portions specified by the UK supermarkets.

6. The salmon is refrozen and put on another ship.

7. After another month at sea, the fish arrives in Felixstowe, it’s trucked to the various supermarket depots round the country for another trip to each branch.

8. The fish hits your shopping trolley, more than two months old.



Somewhere around the fifth or sixth projectile heave, I say a silent prayer of thanks that I’m not really a drug addict in search of redemption. To my left and right, tortured souls hooked on everything from heroin to crack to methamphetamines are vomiting geysers, their gaunt frames wracked with each eruption.
“God help me,” gags Jean-Pierre, the Frenchman, clutching himself. Angry red track marks, some clearly recent, run along the worn-out veins on his arms. “I feel like I’m dying,’’ he moans.

“Drink, drink,” urged the monk, holding a ladle to his lips. “Drink as much as you can. Come on now.’’ Coughing and spluttering, Jean-Pierre forces down the liquid, which scarcely has a pause to settle before departing violently — the way it came.
This is Thamkrabok monastery, perhaps the world’s weirdest drug rehabilitation center: a quiet corner of Thailand where bodies are cleansed and spirits soothed through violent bouts of upchucking and gentle Buddhist ministrations. Five minutes earlier, we had each downed a glass of a vile brown concoction — “bouillon de ashtray,’’ as one of the monks charmingly put it — then waited for nausea to arrive.
It doesn’t take long. I feel the first queasy rumblings within less than a minute. Imagine drinking a dozen shots of tequila in a row and you still don’t come close. When the first gut-wrenching spasm hits, I lean over the troughbuilt for this purpose and blow ballistic chunks. For the three foreigners and nine Thais situated in front of the trough — all manner of uppers and downers still in their systems — the effects are even more severe.
“It is a very powerful substance,” Phra Hans, a serene Swiss monk, had explained earlier in the day. Phra Hans arrived at the temple four years ago while on a spiritual quest that had him studying parapsychology in the United States and living with shamans in the Amazon jungle.

The recipe, comprising 108 herbs, barks, roots, leaves, and other arcane ingredients, is as closely guarded as the Coca-Cola formula and is known to only a handful of senior monks, including the monastery’s founder and abbot, Luangpaw Charoen Panchand. “It withdraws the poisons from the body,” says Phra Hans, who was never an addict himself.Though the vomiting ritual garners the most attention, it’s only a part of the cure. Every new arrival at Thamkrabok begins by taking a “satja,” a sacred vow, to renounce drugs.

“Detoxification means two things,” says Phra Hans. “To withdraw poisons from one’s body, and also to withdraw one’s soul from the ghetto of darkness. We differ from many Western treatments, in that we don’t encourage people to sit in a circle and talk about terrible things from their past. We believe one must be totally responsible for one’s actions and their consequences, and one must nourish the soul with what is good and full of light in thoughts, speech, and bodily actions. We try to address the reasons people take drugs in the first place — boredom, depression, existential longing.”
Physical detoxification is only a start. “The client must confront himself in order to reorganize his life,” says Phra Hans. “Satja is the first basic tool, and it is very powerful.” read on…http://www.colorsmagazine.com/issues/colors62/14.php

Colloidal Silver can turn you blue

Silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic that has been used for thousands of years, with no harmful side effects ever having being observed.

Great Grandma put a silver dollar in the milk to keep if from spoiling as it sat on the back porch in summertime. Also it is well known that the ancient Greeks knew the medical value of silver. It was observed that those ancient families who ate from silver utensils rarely were sick and had few infections. This knowledge passed on to kings, emperors, sultans and their families and members of their royal courts. They ate from silver plates, drank from silver cups, used silver utensils and stored their food in silver containers. As a result of this use, silver was ever so slightly rubbed off and mixed in their foods. And after a generation or two, they received the full benefit from the silver particles which found their way into the body of these people, hence had little chance of getting any infectious illness.

These royals were called Blue Bloods because their skin had a blue tint, due to the accumulation of minute traces of pure metallic silver. The common red blooded folk, however, ate from earthenware dishes with iron utensils and frequently were sick, whilst the royals enjoyed the freedom from infectious disease as early as from birth. There are many historical references on Colloidal Silver. One of the most complete is published in The Lancet dated Dec. 12, 1914.

This picture shows the same girl at different stages of her period. In the right picture she appears more attractive as hormones increase at the peak of ovulation making her more attractive to the male eye. Also pheromone levels are at their peak. Women also expose more skin at this point. Studies have shown that wearing make up and perfume can interfere with these subtle signals.

Taxi Driver Workout

The Taxi Driver Workout is best paired with a diet of mostly black coffee and a deli sandwich every couple weeks. Time away from the routine should be spent channeling your inner mantra of dissension so you can power through the exercises using a relationship gone bad, dissatisfaction with the way your life has transpired, or dissolution with the Government to fuel your way to a TOTALLY RIPPED BODY and a desire for success that will destroy anything in its path.

THE TAXI DRIVER WORKOUT (Perform at home, shirtless, at least 4 days a week)

50 Push ups (x3)

50 Pull ups (x3)

Image pile up






The liver

Most nutrient distribution proceeds from the well-named liver. Prometheus, chained to the rock of earthly life, had his pecked out every day by a sea-eagle. By night it grew back to full size. Likewise, the liver sacrifices its resources and integrity to meet the bodily demands of each day, and by night it restores order, mends itself, synthesises new supplies, and makes ready for the sea-eagle that comes with sunrise.

Kurt Cobain was lactose intolerant?

Cobain fell into heroin in the early 90’s, he said he used it as a shield against the rigorous demands of touring and to stop the pain of stomach ulcers or an irritated bowel. I have always been interested in the suicide of Kurt Cobain. Having read inbetween the lines of his lyrics he most definitley suffered severe gastric problems which were both triggered and relieved by dairy products(?) Could his suicide been avoided if he had seen a nutritionist?

Anatomy of a Wotsit

From top left:

  1. Corn meal
  2. Ferrous Sulfate (iron supplement)
  3. Niacin
  4. Thiamin Mononitrate
  5. Folic acid (B Vitamin)
  6. Corn Oil/Sunflower Oil
  7. Whey
  8. Salt
  9. Cheddar Cheese
  10. Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil
  11. Maltodextrin (a starch derivative)
  12. Disodium Phosphate (stabilizes pH levels and improves texture)
  13. Sour Cream
  14. Monosodium Glutamate aka MSG (flavor enhancer)
  15. Lactic Acid (a preservative)
  16. “Artificial Colors”
  17. Citric Acid (to regulate acidity, flavor and preservation)

17 ingredients. SEVENTEEN.

Chicken Nuggets

Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It’s what all fast food chicken is made from- things like chicken nuggets and patties. Also, the processed frozen chicken in stores is made from it. Basically the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve – bones, eyes, guts, and all.It comes out looking like this.

There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be re-flavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.

Sounds appetising right?


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