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food matters

The extraordinary nature of our times has bought about a dramatic change in our health. 100 years ago, 1 in 100 had cancer, now according to Cancer Research it’s 1 in 3 people. Ever noticed that the fruit and vegetable section of a supermarket is odorless, almost sterile ? Our soils are so depleted of nutrients (soil is a living organism, It’s alive!). We would prefer not to know how are foods are processed or what they contain. The quality of our food determines in a large part the quality of our lives. We cannot thrive and heal if our food is destructive, dead or modified. Debilitating disease is now endemic in our society. We must take control of our own health, after all health is our only real wealth.

We can no longer afford to be mislead by what passes for nutritional wisdom in the popular press, especially as so much orthodox advice- magnified, simplified and twisted by publicity for processed foods- is partially or totally wrong.

A Naturopathic Nutritionist differs from a dietitian or even a mainstream nutritionist in that we treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. Food is medicine and is used to treat dis-ease in our bodies. We don’t just consider its nutritional value but also the energetics of the food. Healing through diet.

Nutrition is fundamental. Food provides the basic building blocks that form the foundation of our health.  Without optimum nutrition the body will not grow and flourish to its full potential. Our diet should be as close to nature as possible.  The ideal is not always possible, given our lifestyles.  Most of us can’t eat fresh food straight out of the garden, and most of us are too busy to eat properly anyway, although we should at least try to.  Even where we eat an optimal balance of foods, the foods are often days or weeks old and grown with artificial fertilizers that leave them deficient in basic nutrients.  While as a Naturopath I never see supplementation with vitamins and minerals as an alternative to healthy eating, the fact is that they are often necessary to make up the shortfall. The body does not know of isolated nutrients, only food, so I use whole food supplements when necessary.

The most important aspect of eating is discovering what is the right fuel for you. We all require an individual set/combination of foods that best fits our unique metabolism. It took me 10 years to find my perfect fuel.

I unify modern nutrition and ancient Asian tradition. I also base my approach on the work of *Dr Weston A Price. I have tried every method of eating to heal myself. It wasn’t until I started eating like my ancestors that my body truly healed. You maybe astonished as to what I consider to be a healthy food . The most nutrient dense foods are often the foods that we discard in today’s world, and that’s really why so many of us are unhealthy these days. We need to eat ‘Real food’, not ‘ Edible food like substances’.

*Dr Weston A Price a dentist from Cleveland, set about researching what our ancestors ate in the 1920’s and 30’s by studying isolated populations that had not yet been touched by white man’s modern foods. The results continue to be provocative and astounding today. These traditional native people had perfect dentition, exuberant health, no prisons, reproduced with ease and created beautiful strong children for the tribe. The foods these traditional people consumed were extremely high in fat soluble vitamins, specifically Vitamin A and D. The super foods that contained the highest amounts of these vitamins were fed to parents to be, pregnant & nursing mothers and growing children, because through generations of observation, the tribe worked out that these foods created the strongest children and the healthiest mothers. Disease ensued when modern processed western foods were introduced (white flour, processed sugar, pasteurized milk, processed salt, refined grain).

So we know that humans spent 200,000 years as hunter gatherers. Just like the tribes Dr. Price visited, we did not need intervention from modern chemicals or equipment to keep fit and healthy. Nature provided everything we needed.

Traditional whole food eating. That is the best way to describe my approach to Nutrition. There are so many diets and beliefs surrounding nutrition. Raw food, veganism, vegetarianism, fasting are all tools used for healing the body. One is no better than the other ( eg. Overcooking all foods will denature the nutrition, but also liberate some nutrients. Raw food is full of enzymes, but some foods consumed raw will block the absorption of nutrients). I have learnt not to take a dogmatic approach to nutrition. We are all different, so therefore have different requirements. Try traditional, real, live, fresh, organic food or as our grandparents used to call it ‘food’.

I also use herbs to compliment a good diet, speed healing, detoxify and tonifying various organs, such as the liver, the kidneys and the circulatory and lymphatic systems. As a Naturopath I have studied both the traditional uses of herbs, from native cultures around the world, as well as the increasing wealth of knowledge developed from pharmacological studies of their active constituents and through clinical trials. Plants were the first medicines. Even today, about 25% of prescription drugs were derived originally from herbal medicines.

So many people as they age, tend to get *fatigued more easily, have some kind of digestive issue, have nagging pains and just generally don’t feel as they did 10 or 20 years ago. Modern society conditions us to think that this is normal and unavoidable. I don’t think so, our nature is to be strong, healthy and happy. After removing the very foods that are creating damage in our bodies, tidying up a little inside and doing some needed repairs we can restore our internal environment back to how it should be. It is only then you can build upon a sound foundation to reach exuberant health.

* The average person is walking around with anywhere from 6 to 12 pounds (that’s 5 kg) of undigested material fermenting in their intestines and colon. I factor in detoxification before embarking on a healthy eating program. You can eat the best food nature has to offer, but if your gut is dysfunctional you will never absorb those wonderful nutrients.

If you are exercising without addressing your diet, sleep, breathing, posture and attitude true healing cannot occur and you are setting yourself up for failure (like I did).

The challenge to every individual is to determine the diet that is right for him and to implement that diet in a way that does not divorce him from the company of fellow human beings at meal times.

Scientific studies do not the truth make. Observation, history and understanding basic human nutrition taught by those not funded by food producers is the key to true nutritional knowledge. Oh yeah, and listening to yourself. No other animals have desk references about what they need to eat. My basic rule is, if I can’t make it at home with little to no technological input, don’t eat it. Keep it simple.


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