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greg says…

– C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach

– Personal Trainer

– Naturopath (ND)

– Naturopathic Nutritionist

naturally@gregsays.co.uk 07923835967

We grow up believing that when we are not unwell, we are healthy. However, in reality there is a large gap between optimal health and vitality and ill-health. In fact, most disease processes take 15-20 years to develop. Symptoms are merely one of the final stages of the disease process. If you already have the symptoms, the body’s fundamental metabolic control systems have been out of balance for some time and are now demanding attention. Symptoms are just the tip of the health iceberg.

greg says… WORK IN


You’ve worked out; it’s time to think about working ‘in’, the intelligent way to maximise your effort when you work out.

Exercise is only one piece of the health puzzle. Optimal health is only likely to occur once nutrition, sleeping, breathing, internal health and posture have been addressed. With a fully qualified Naturopath (ND) and Holistic Nutritional Therapist I can arm you with the correct information and skills.

Consider that you eat at least 21 times a week. The best exercise program in the world will have at best, limited results if you’re still using your stomach as a *dustbin! Exercising people without feeding them optimally only adds insult to injury. You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. Looking and feeling good is mainly nutrition. Look beyond exercise. Diet and lifestyle are the key factors.

 *Foods that cause any inflammation in the gut will inhibit the ability for the abdominal wall (your natural girdle) to switch on (so it doesn’t press on the inflamed tissue). You cannot build your inner core with any gut inflammation or food intolerances. This is often the cause of a distended abdominal (pooch belly). Hence it’s critical to clear up any digestive issues first. A problem that no amount of sit-ups will cure.

greg says… C.H.E.K. OUT


“Most people work hard and spend their health trying to achieve wealth. Then they retire and spend their wealth trying to get back their health.”

Would you like to ensure you are performing the right exercises for your body and getting the most out of your workout?

C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) is an holistic form of Personal Training founded in California. You will find it is 180 degrees opposite to that of an industry standard Personal Trainer.

Your physical body is a 3-D interpretation of what is going on inside you. Your posture never lies, it is a reflection of your choices. As an Holistic Trainer and Naturopath (ND) I can identify muscle imbalances and improve core function and correct any weak postural links. You are only as strong as your weakest link. You will learn to breath correctly, identify internal issues and activate your core muscles in the right way. This ensures your safety, and provides a solid foundation that will make your later progress even more impressive. Avoid faulty movement patterns; invest now to do it right. Traditional methods, minimal equipment and highly effective. The core comes first.

Why listen to me?

I started out my career as a Personal Trainer. I soon realised how limited I was in helping people get truly healthy. Yes I could get people fit. But found health was far off and the nutrition portion was very limited to say the least. Getting healthy should be the first choice, not just fitness.

My health took a decline in my late twenties after living the so-called “good life”, ignoring injuries and not listening to my body’s many cries for help. I went down the traditional route of doing what my doctor told me. A few years being caught up in the rigmarole of the orthodox system I got spat out the other end in a much worse shape, mainly down to the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. I looked fine on the outside but was highly unbalanced inside. I spent thousands of pounds, and tried numerous therapies to find that quick “fix”. It wasn’t until I saw a Naturopath myself that I realized that there really is no quick fix to our health issues. You must rebuild your body from the inside out. The results inspired me so much that I trained to become a Naturopath at The College Of Naturopathic Medicine in London and went on further to study an holistic method of Personal Training. After many years and a lot of money later I am fully qualified in all disciplines. I took control of my own wellbeing and changed my life using only natural methods. More importantly I liberated myself from mainstream medical, health, nutrition, and fitness dogma. I can teach you what I didn’t know back then, so that it doesn’t take you as long as it took me!


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